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        'In fire, we can see our past and our coming. For, as with us and our time,
    these flames are solely born through the complete and utterly consumption
    of its surroundings. By which, the fire itself is also condemned to be
    destroyed. Demanding, beautiful and very lethal, it lives itself to death...'

    The higher I am reaching - the closer to the sun
    The more I learn the less I know for sure
    For each machine I'm leaving I find a bigger one
    For each step I turn wiser than before
    But it's burning me...
    Pilgrim, where are you going?
    Pilgrim, your roads turning bleak
    Pilgrim, true to your knowing
    But what will you pay for the Grail that you seek?

    Though these roads seem endless
    And life seems out of reach
    The roads I left were better off unwalked
    If I had just been stronger
    If I had dared to see
    Maybe I would not have had to go this far
    But still I won't give in...

    Pilgrim, where are you going?
    Pilgrim, your roads turning bleak
    Pilgrim, This quest is your calling
    ...the curtains are falling...
    Pilgrim, where are you going?
    And who sets the price on the answers you seek?
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